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This collection of sets from previous NFA events will grow to include freshly rendered tracks from NFA artists and other stuff people get round to uploading.

If you wanna send us demos of your DJ or live set, please have a listen to the sort of stuff we normally play below first innit!
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We also always need pre-recorded sets for our turn on the dbreach radio show!

There's lots of NFA stuff hosted at the Decibel Breach webspace: www.dbreach.fm
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No Fixed Abode - Fri 3 Feb 2006- Red Star, London
Ronin - LIVE    [1 hour - 89Mb]
Jungle/Breakcore/Hardcore/Electro/Industrial/Techno/Grime  M E L T D O W N

FZV - LIVE    [47 min - 67Mb]


No Fixed Abode - Fri 14 April 2006 - Red Star, London
Toecutter - LIVE    [45 min - 66Mb]

Xian - LIVE    [45 min - 56Mb]
Breakcore/Hardcore/Aussie Style

Freddy Frogs - LIVE    [45 min - 67Mb]
Hardtek/Hardcore/Froggy style


Other recordings outside of parties
Edit - LIVE    [45 min - 86Mb]
A breakbeat set recorded for our night on Resonance FM, coz we fucked recording him live