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Why so many benefit parties?

Good question, but an easy one to answer.

We would rather do free parties, but our combined years of doing 'free' parties has meant we chose to take a different approach to NFA and start from the music up.
In case you hadn't noticed nearly every NFA event of late has been a benefit party for something or other.

There is a lot of revenue generated by parties, both clubs and squat parties (I would like to call them 'free' parties but in London that gets too confusing!)
Where does all this money go? Most of it probably does go back into 'the rig' but a lot of it goes to people's pockets as they see doing parties as another kind of job.

We think parties are an excellent way to raise cash for other free entry events, or to fund art exhibitions or events which might upset the great and good. As long as there are things which need supporting, and we have a crowd who will pay for a night's entertainment, then one will feed off the other.

In fact, as we are just a group with only some minimal bits of kit to our name, and no rig, you could say all of our events are benefit parties. This will continue to be the case until we have some decent equipment to stage events and not always have to borrow or hire it. Just so you know, not even the hardest of workers behind NFA ever get paid a penny.

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Initial mission statement - start of 2006

We're not a bunch of promoters but instead are a group of people who've been mucking about with this and that for a long time and now wanna put on some quality parties for other open-minded raver types. We're also loose-lipped gobshites with plenty to say about the state of music, the scene, ourselves and the whole fucking planet.

We think it's time to put a message back behind the music.

Fuck the numb-nuts, 'munted' Shoreditch student humour that seems so prevalent these days. Whilst there's no reason to grow a permanent frown there's so much going on out there that we can't piddle our time away without a serious thought passing through our grey matter.

To paraphrase an excellent Schnews sticker: